Are you a student who wants new knowledge and experience?
Want to travel cheap and get to know new cultures?
Want student years to make good use?
Want to gain knowledge and work experience for the future?
Want to organize events?
Want something more?

You can get to know all this and much more in BEST!

How do you become part of us?

Twice annually, we are organizing an introductory meeting for new members, where we will present in greater detail our organization, the fields of operation and the opportunities that we offer. All students of the University of Maribor, who are interested in BEST or you simply want to know more about us, are invited.

Introductory meetings are usually in the months of October and April. Visit our Facebook page to find out when we are holding the next introductory meeting! If you want to find out more about us right now, please write to:!

Membership in BEST is voluntary and free, both in Maribor and in all other local BEST groups throughout Europe. In BEST, all levels of the organization are fully managed by the students themselves. Apart from courses, cultural exchanges and entertainment events, we also offer high quality education on various subjects, from the so-called soft skills to specific areas such as: marketing, public relations, fundraising, information technology. Members are trained in leadership, communication and organizational skills, and gaining experience in public speaking.

The highly trained international team of BEST trainers is responsible for the training, education and quality of education.

What you will do in BEST is largely up to you. We can guarantee that you will experience unforgettable things and that you will never regret that you have joined us!