Develop your skills and gain unforgettable experience!

BEST local groups organize seasonal courses throughout Europe. By participating in the course you get the opportunity to refine your knowledge, establish contacts that will help you with your career, improve your English skills and have fun.Participants participate in various fields covering a wide range of technological areas, economics, marketing, management...The general criterion of all courses is the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and experience through professionals, employees at universities or professionals from the business environment.

Courses last from one to two weeks, and only transport and a small contribution to food and accommodation are required (usually around 30 €). All students of the University of Maribor with a valid status, both members and non-members of the BEST, can apply to the courses.

LGB Maribor also organizes a seasonal course for students of the University of Maribor, as well as students from other countries. Our course usually takes place in autumn.