BEST Maribor

BEST strives to help European students of technology to become more internationally minded, by reaching a better understanding of European cultures and developing capacities to work on an international basis. Therefore we create opportunities for the students to meet and learn from one another through our academic and non-academic events and educational symposia. "Learning makes the master"", but the final goal is a good working place, therefore we offer services like an international career centre to broaden the horizons for the choice on the job market. Our priority is to offer high quality services for students all over Europe. Thus, we manage to bring all the partners in the "student - company - university" triangle closer.
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Main organizers

Sebastijan Štefanič

Phone number: +386 70 800 397

Kamelija Chavdarova

Phone number: +386 51 740 536

Core team

Simona Siljanovska

Social Activitiess, Shopping

Ljubomir Ristič

Social Activities

BEST Maribor members:

Davor Fistrič, Dominik Ivančan, Dragana Dodik, Gregorec Katja, Hanija Bujas, Ivan Prevedan, Kamelija Chavdarova, Laura Jug, Luka Kristič, Ljubomir Ristič, Maja Dimoska, Nejc Babič, Nino Kuhar, Patrik Bratuša, Petra Vrbanec, Sara Krajnc, Sebastijan Štefanič, Simona Siljanovska, Slavica Jagečić, Tamara Simonič, Tomaž Šuen, Tomislav Raknić