About the Course

Are you ready? Than you better get Steady! Because it’s time to Start UP!

Do you have an awesome idea for you own startup, but you don't know how to start? Here you will get knowledge and tools to turn your idea into reality! We will learn how to select the problem area, analyze the context and define a problem statement. Beside that, you will be able to hear real-life examples about creating startup. All you need is a positive attitude and willingness to put all your energy into a building a new company. Don't miss the amazing chance to be a part of our BEST course! Experience our crazy spirit, Slovenian culture and at the end become a little unique expert on this thematic field!

Experiences from last course:

Diogo Seca

“It's so awesome how in one week you get to build good friendships with people from all over Europe, share amazing moments while you explore the beauty of a city like Maribor, and actually learn interesting things in the process! Certainly among the best times of my life.”

Mariana Ruivo da Silva

“This autumn I got the chance to attend an awesome Autumn Course in Slovenia: I saw amazing landscapes, I got to know a different and fascinating culture and I got the chance to work on my field of studies, learn work methods and visit impressive companies. But when somebody asked me about what did I liked the most, I’d always answered: the people I got to meet. I’ll always be grateful to BEST for this awesome experience and for the friends from all around Europe I now have.”

Hubert Fourage

“That BEST-course was a great occasion to meet a lot of new interesting people from a lot of different countries and get to know Slovenia and some of its habits. I really enjoyed visiting the city as well as the surroundings, learning new stuff at classes and partying like crazy.”