BEST - Board of European Students of Technology

BEST is a constantly growing organisation consisting of students. It is non profitable, non political and non governmental organization. It brings together students of different fields, technical, technological and natural sciences. Since 1989, it has been able to communicate, connect and exchange students across Europe. More than 90 local BEST groups creates a growing, well organized, strong, young and innovative student network in more than 30 European countries. With our events we annually reach 1.300.000 European students.

Active members of local BEST groups throughout Europe are promoting and enabling European students to understand and appreciate different cultures, acquire skills and knowledge to work in the international enviroment, which additionally contributes to personality growth of the individiual. We are trying to achive this by organizing various courses throughout Europe during the whole year (summer, autumn, winter and spring), cultural exchanges, engineering competitions, symposiums and many other entertainment events. Members of our society can acquire knowledge in the field of organization, management, promotion, group work, public speaking, marketing, fundraising as well as knowledge of foreign languages, especially English. They also discover different cultures, meeting a lot of new, interesting people and having a lot of fun.